Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ion Quantum Technology and Nanoscience at the University of Sussex

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Ion Quantum Technology and Nanoscience / Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Ion Quantum Technology and Nanoscience position in the Ion Quantum Technology Group in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sussex. The duration of the position is originally for 1 year with the possibility of an extension for a further 2.5 years based on research requirements. The position is part of an EPSRC funded £1.4M Leadership fellowship for the development of quantum technology with nanofabricated ion trap chips.

We develop on-chip architectures for the implementation of an ion trap quantum technology device using state-of-the art nanofabrication techniques. As part of our experiments, ytterbium ions are trapped inside a vacuum system within an integrated ion trap chip using laser cooling. We perform experiments developing quantum gate operations for the practical implementation in quantum simulators and quantum information processing. Another key interest is the realization of quantum hybrid systems incorporating mechanical objects. Research aims for this particular position are to develop nanotechnology towards realizing integrated ion chip architectures, to operate an experiment to control the motion and quantum state of single trapped ions directed towards building a device enabling quantum information processing, carry out quantum gate operations and to explore the foundations of quantum mechanics. This is an interdisciplinary research position on the interface of nano-science and atomic physics

The successful applicant should have an experimental PhD in a field related to our research area such as atomic physics, optical physics, nano- / micro-fabrication, condensed matter and quantum physics along with a good publication record. Previous ion trapping or micro-fabrication experience would be desirable. Some of the typical tasks for this position include nano-fabrication, operation of lasers and optics, ultra-high vacuum experimental design, carry out quantum information science experiments, coherent control of ions and many others. The group currently spans 8 PhD students, 5 undergraduate students and one faculty member. The successful candidate is expected to actively engage in our research program, provide guidance to undergraduate and postgraduate students and to participate in the strategic planning of the group. The salary offered will be appropriate to the qualifications, standing and experience of the successful candidate.

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For more information, please email the head of group, Dr Winfried Hensinger, Reader in Quantum, Atomic and Optical Physics, (w.k.hensinger (at) sussex (dot) ac (dot) uk).

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