Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantum Information and Computation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

POSITION: POSTOCTORAL RESEARCHER.- A fully funded Postdoc Contract in Quantum Information and Strongly Correlated Systems is available to work under the supervision of Prof. Miguel A. Martin-Delgado at the Departamento de Fisica Teorica I, Facultad de Ciencias Fisicas, Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain). It covers a period of 2 years. The Contract is funded by the Research Grant QUITEMAD of Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (CAM)

RESEARCH GROUP: Grupo de Información y Computación Cuanticas, Universidad Complutense Madrid (UCM), Spain. Webpage: We offer an active and stimulating research environment, enhanced by strong international collaborations. The group holds financial support from a STREP European Grant, CAM grant from Madrid government (Research Consortium QUITEMAD = QUantum Information TEchnologies MADrid, web site, in addition to the Spanish research grant from national projects from the Ministry of Science MICINN and others.

PhD TRAINING: the candidate is assumed to have a PhD degree (compulsory).
In any case, we also teach university courses of the Master on Fundamental Physics(, which includes courses such as‘Quantum Information and Computation’ taught by members of the group at the Facultad de Físicas de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. This will be complemented with additional training courses, summer schools etc. from the research consortiums in which the group is involved.

LINES OF RESEARCH: generically, the focus is on Quantum Information and Computation and their relations with
Strongly Correlated Systems in Condensed Matter and Theorectical Physics. Among other more specific topics, they may include:
- Quantum Error Correction and Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computation
- Topological Quantum Computation
- Topological Orders in Condensed Matter: Anyon Physics, New Quantum Phases of Matter.
- Quantum simulations based on cold atoms in optical lattices, ion traps etc.
- Simulations of Strongly Correlated Systems
- Quantum Field Theory and Renormalization Group Methods
- and many other topics available in the arxiv by the members of the group over the years.

Type: A 2-year contract, starting in 2011
Employer: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Salary: 26.000€ Yearly Gross Salary.

APPLICATIONS: should be addressed to:
- Mark the application with reference: QUITEMAD / Postdoct 3/10.
- In addition to the before official address, interested applicants should also submit: A Curriculum Vitae, including full address, a contact phone number and e-mail address, reference letters (up to three), scanned copy of the academic transcripts (with marks), as well as a short statement of about 200 words or so explaining why they are interested in the position, to the Scientific Supervisor:

Prof. Miguel A. Martin-Delgado
Universidad Complutense de Madrid,,
Telf.: +34 913944526