Postdoctoral at University of Copenhagen

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is seeking top early-career researchers for a number of attractive postdoctoral positions in all areas of mathematics. The positions are one to three year positions, with application deadline November 30, midnight local time, 2014 and starting date in 2015, ordinarily September 1 2015.

The salary is very competitive, depending on seniority, the salary amounts to 31.950-33.639 DKK/per month (app. EUR 4.300-4.545 per month) plus 17.1 % in pension contribution. Potential applicants from outside of Denmark can find information about life in Denmark - including taxation, healthcare, etc. – at

The teaching load is maximum 3 quarter (half-semester) courses per year, primarily related to the applicant's research.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences has strong research groups in many areas of mathematics, and has an active postdoc and visitors' programme; we refer to our homepage for more information. Strong applicants will be considered in all areas covered by the research groups of the department. In particular, applicants within the following areas are encouraged to apply:

• Within Topology, Non-commutative Geometry and Algebra, as covered by the Centre for Symmetry and Deformation and by Hesselholt's Bohr professorship "K-theory and Arithmetic Geometry".

• Within Quantum Information Theory with the possibility to work on purely theoretical projects or in collaboration with nearby experimental physicists.
Please contact Matthias Christandl for more details.

• Within Applied Algebraic Geometry in biology. Details available at Elisenda Feliu's webpage

• Within Stochastic Mathematical Biology. Details available from Carsten Wiuf.

• Within Statistics, with obligations related to the Laboratory for Applied Statistics, see

Visit the website for application procedure.