Quantum Optics – Nano-Photonics : Quantum circuitry with integrated sources

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Two post-doctoral fellowships starting between September 2016 and September 2017 are available to work on a new joint project between the NanoPhotonIQ team at the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (C2N) and the Quantum optics team (LMPC, Nice). The project aims at building integrated quantum optics demonstrators at 1.55 μm : Entangled photon sources and quantum state manipulators are to be integrated on the same chip. The demonstrator will be designed and tested in several complementary platforms :
· Lithium niobate (additional partner Ramtech, Romania)
· Silicon (additional partner L. Vivien team, C2N Orsay)
· InP (for specific and exploratory waveguide array based manipulation and with
external sources)

A complete corpus of classical optics functions of discrete photonics (Guidonics) was recently demonstrated on waveguide arrays at LPN, featuring the design and implementation on InP of confinement, redirection and resonating behavior. We now plan to implement novel schemes for quantum states generation and manipulation in coupled waveguide patterns in material which enable on chip generation. Within the framework of 2 recent ANR research grants (Sitqom : Photonics on Silicon for optics and Quantum communication and Incqa : Integrated quantum circuits based on nonlinear waveguide arrays - LMPC and Sebastien Tanzilli are Principal Investigator) state of the art and beyond sources will be integrated on chip.

The candidate will work jointly with the two groups in Marcoussis and Nice. Depending on the candidate skills, expertise and preferences, he/she will be in charge of the design and simulation of the structures from Hamiltonian calculations to technological challenges. She/he will design and build an experimental setup featuring high efficiency, fast photon detectors, and integrated as well as self standing single photon and entangled photon heralded sources. The candidate should be ready for autonomous and team work and have experience in at least two of the following fields: setting up of optical free space and/or
fibered experiment, experimental quantum optics, nano-photonics, quantum optics simulation, quantum information. Fluency in English would be an asset. The salary will be around 2400 €/month. The contracts will be of 12 months, a possibility of extension to 18 or 24 months can be discussed half way. For application, send a CV to nadia.belabas@lpn.cnrs and ariel.levenson@lpn.cnrs.fr.