Research Associate in Quantum Imaging at Imperial College London

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Research Associate in Quantum Imaging at Imperial College London

- Job description
Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to join the Quantum Imaging research team in the Department of Physics. The post will be associated with UK’s Quantum Imaging Hub. Applicants will be enthusiastic experimentalists with experience in quantum optics or nonlinear optics.

- Job summary
The research project applies the technique of quantum imaging with undetected photons (Nature 512, 409, 2014). This scheme eliminates the requirement that photons must interact with an object in order to relay information about it upon measurement. This produces the technological advantage to perform infrared imaging using superior and cheaper visible detectors. The project has two key objectives. The first is to demonstrate the utility of this technique for infrared absorption spectroscopy. The second is to develop imaging devices that can operate in a tunable manner across the mid-infrared. The project will employ conventional nonlinear fibre and crystal light sources, as well as novel nonlinear metamaterials. Although there are many potential applications, this project targets infrared spectroscopy for cancer diagnosis, in partnership with Imperial’s Digistain Research Program.

• Duties and responsibilities:
The post holder will contribute to independent and original research within the UK Quantum Imaging Hub “QUANTIC”, submit publications to refereed journals and assist with the administration of the Research Group. You will be self-motivated and be able to work alongside and aid graduate students. Interdisciplinary research and collaboration with theoreticians in other groups of the Department of Physics is an important aspect of this project.

• Essential requirements:
It is essential to the project that you have the following:

A PhD in the Physical Sciences or in a closely related discipline, or an equivalent level of professional qualifications and/or experience
Evidence of outstanding promise and originality in research, demonstrated by a good publication record, commensurate with your career stage

Experience in the following areas is desirable:

Experience in quantum or nonlinear optics
Quantum technologies
Programming and numerical methods
Computational electromagnetic simulation
Imaging and microscopy

• Further information:
This post is available for 24 months, commencing in June 2020, with the possibility of extension.

Queries relating to the position should be directed to Prof. Myungshik Kim, email:, Dr Rupert Oulton, email:, or Dr Alex Clark, email:

Should you have any queries regarding the application process please contact Ms Judith Baylis, Section Administrator, and e-mail: -
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