Research Fellow in experimental Atomic Physics and Ultracold Mixtures

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A suitably qualified and experienced individual is required to carry out research on experimental Atomic Physics and Ultracold Bose Fermi mixtures. The research is part <!--break-->
of a project investigating transport and localisation in ultracold quantum gases, especially a caesium BEC with lithium impurities. Candidates must have a PhD in physics <!--break-->
and experience with experimental manipulation of ultracold atomic gases, atomic physics and quantum optics. They should be confident, have good communication skills <!--break-->
and enjoy working with a variety of different people across discipline boundaries. The role will require the candidates to actively contribute to the research activities of the <!--break-->
ultracold mixtures group at the University of Nottingham. For more information contact <!--break-->
or visi