Research position at Riverlane

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

At Riverlane, we design new quantum algorithms and quantum circuits to simulate highly correlated quantum systems using fewer qubits or gates than anyone else. This is core to what we do and we need people who can produce world-leading research in quantum computing. Riverlane is a quantum computing company based in Cambridge, UK.

Key Aspects of the Role

  • read and discuss academic papers with your team mates, identifying the most important and scalable results;
  • learn about new industrial applications of quantum computers, coming up with new, more efficient algorithms or modifying existing ideas as a result;
  • work with some of the world’s leading hardware groups and learn how quantum algorithms get mapped to physical devices;
  • build Riverlane’s international standing through writing papers and presenting results at conferences;
  • contribute to the business development and strategic direction of the company.

Essential Criteria

  • PhD in quantum technologies or quantum information theory;
  • evidence of creative, high-quality academic work;
  • strong communication skills, both written and verbal, with a track record of communicating scientific results to colleagues and other audiences;
  • experience working both independently and in a research team;
  • passion for translating academic expertise into an applied industrial setting.

Desirable Criteria

experience with algorithms for quantum chemistry.

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