Research Professor in Experimental Quantum technology

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The   University   of   KwaZulu-­Natal   (UKZN)   seeks   to   appoint   top   quality   researchers   into   key  
strategic  areas  of  growth  and  development.  
These   positions   are   available   in   the   following   specialist   areas   within   the   College,   but   not  
Plant   Biotechnology;   Experimental   Quantum   Technology;   Land   use   and   Management  
(Environmental   Systems);   Marine   Systems;   Waste   Management   and   Pollution;;   Agricultural  
Engineering;  Information  Processing  and  communication  Technology;      
These   are   interdisciplinary   research   leadership   positions.   The   staff   member   will   be   expected   to  
undertake   research   and   postgraduate   supervision,   and   to   develop   linkages   and   collaborative  
projects  with  existing  staff  and  students.    S/he  will  be  expected  to  raise  the  funds  necessary  to  
support  the  research.    S/he  will  provide  leadership  in  the  College  and  School,  and  play  a  leading  
role   in   improving   the   research   profile   and   infrastructure   in   his/her   specialist   area.     Special  
consideration  will  be  given  to  designated  individuals  at  Associate  Professor  level  in  the  areas  that  
are  prioritised  for  transformation.      
The   term   of   office   for   this   position   is   five   years.     In   the   case   of   applicants   who   are   permanent  
staff  members  of  UKZN,  the  successful  applicant  will  resume  his/her  substantive  position  at  the  
end   of   this   term   of   office.     Appointment   of   external   applicants   will   be   underpinned   by   a  
permanent  substantive  appointment  in  their  academic  specialist  area.  
Successful   candidates   will   be   placed   into   the   appropriate   school,   and   the   line   manager  will   be  
the  Head  of  School  into  which  the  appointment  is  made.  
A  PhD  in  a  relevant  field  
Ten  (10)  years  experience  in  either  teaching/lecturing/research  or  industry  experience  in  a  
relevant  field  
A  recent  and  continuing  record  of  excellent  research  as  evidenced  by  publication  in  
ISI/SAPSE-­accredited  journals    
A  strong  record  of  successful  supervision  of  postgraduate  students  at  both  Masters  and  
doctoral  level  
Demonstrated  ability  to  attract  research  funding  
For  more  information  about  the  post  please  contact  Professor  Rob  Slotow,  DVC  and  Head  of  College,  
Agriculture,  Engineering  and  Science  (    
The  total  remuneration  package  offered  includes  benefits.  
The  closing  date  for  receipt  of  applications  is 15  August  2011.  
Applicants  are  required  to  apply  on  the  Vacancies  page  of  the  University  website  at      
Completed  forms  must  be  sent  to  recruitment-­  
Advert  Reference  Number  MUST  be  clearly  stated  in  the  subject  line.
The  College  reserves  the  right  to  appoint  individuals  or  not  to  do  so,  
depending  on  strategic  priorities