Research Scientist - Quantum Computing - Paris (France)

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

We're looking for a research scientist, permanent position, in the field of quantum computing, more precisely:
-classical quantum simulation on HPC sytems
-quantum programming, in particular compilation techniques, optimisation of quantum circuits

* design and develop innovative algorithms for high performance simulation of quantum programs, namely 40+ qubits
* prototype and implement on HPC systems, relying in particular on hardware accelerators (GPU, FPGA)
* implement numerical models of quantum hardware noise, on HPC systems, in order to simulate fault computation and optimize QECC
* design and develop innovative algorithms of quantum code optimizations, in particular resource minimization
* mentor PhD students and interns

Required Skills:
* expertize in at least one domain : classical simulation, quantum algorithmics, quantum programming languages
* hands-on programming with good knowledge of HPC techniques: openMP, MPI, CUDA ; C,C++,Python
* PhD strongly appreciated

Permanent position will be in Paris' region, France, in our Quantum R&D team, one of the biggest private lab in Europe.

To send your application or request additional information, please contact Dr Cyril ALLOUCHE, head of research. cyril dot allouche at atos dot net