Job opening

Quantum technology is a cutting-edge field aimed at harnessing the unique nature of quantum mechanics to perform tasks that are impossible with conventional technologies. The Optics Division at the University of Strathclyde will be a focal point of the EPSRC Quantum Technology Hubs, and has received significant funding from the recent call to expand our multi-disciplinary research in both experimental and theoretical fields. These full-time posts are available from 1st October, initially for two years with the possibility of extension to up to five years.

A number of Chancellor’s Fellowships are available at the University of Strathclyde, in Glasgow, UK. These are 5-year positions, at the level of Lecturer or Senior Lecturer, which come with the perspective of an open-ended academic appointment (“tenure”). The positions are directed to “bold, ambitious and innovative future research leaders”.

A (senior) lecturer position is available at Queen's University Belfast.

The Department of Physics is seeking a scientist with an international reputation in theoretical Quantum Information Technology (QIT) to advance the University’s ground-breaking work within the field.

Research Fellow (Quantum Information Processing/Quantum Many-Body Systems) at Queen's University Belfast

A postdoctoral position is available immediately for up to 33 months (from early September 2013), to undertake theoretical research in quantum effects in mesoscopic systems, including quantum many-body and hybrid systems.

Applicants will hold (or be about to obtain) a relevant PhD in one of the following fields:

• Theoretical quantum optics;

• Theoretical condensed matter physics;

• Theoretical quantum information processing.


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