Fellow in Experimental Entangled Photon Systems

One position is available for a postdoctoral fellow to develop robust entangled photon systems.

The team of Alexander Ling is working on space-based quantum communication experiments which involve the operation of entangled photon systems on earth-orbiting satellites. A postdoctoral position is available within the scientific team to lead the development of next generation compact and bright entangled photon systems that can work reliably in robust

Grade 07S; Salary: £29,541 - £36,298 p.a.

Applications for invited for a Research Fellowship within the Oxford Martin Programme on Bio-Inspired Quantum Technologies. This Programme, directed by Professors Vlatko Vedral and Dieter Jaksch, aims to develop a new methodology for overcoming the extreme fragility of quantum memory by learning how biological molecules shield fragile quantum states from the environment.

JQI Experimental Postdoctoral Fellows are expected to work in close collaboration with one or more JQI Fellows. The successful applicant has the freedom to choose from a variety of research areas. Quantum information science utilizes many different experimental platforms. At JQI, researchers can specialize in areas such as degenerate gases, quantum information with trapped ions, quantum optics, and superconducting qubits. Applicants are encouraged to explore the JQI website and to contact JQI Fellows to inquire about current research interests.

Registration deadline: 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Previously hosted by the Laser Research Center in Vilnius (2007), the FORTH Institute of Electronic Structure and Lasers in Heraklion (2008) and the ICFO Institute for Photonic Sciences in Barcelona (2009), STELLA is a unique, full immersion, "School for Training in Experiments with Lasers and Laser Applications", which sees a number of highly qualified experts to deliver technical training directly at research lab infrastructures.

Three two-year postdoctoral research associate positions are available immediately in the group of Barry Sanders, who is the iCORE Chair of Quantum Information Science and Director of the University of Calgary's Institute for Quantum Information Science (IQIS). Research foci are machine learning for quantum measurement, multi-partite quantum communication protocols, quantum simulation, electron transport in protein complexes, and theoretical support for the the experimental research groups of Drs Barclay, Lvovsky, and Tittel in IQIS.


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