quantum device

The goal of the project is to study the spin-phonon coupling between a single molecular magnet and the bending modes of a suspended carbon nanotube. A suspended nanotube is a near ideal environment for the spin of the molecule, and it allows to control its phononic environment, which is expected to result in very long coherence time of the molecular spin. This project relies on the realization of a double quantum dot circuit within the carbon nanotube enhancing the scope of experimental exploration, one example being the ground state cooling of the carbon nanotube vibration.

Head of Quantum DTU Center
Do you want to take part in realizing the potential of a new and revolutionary technology?

DTU, Technical University of Denmark is seeking a dedicated person to head our cross disciplinary Quantum DTU center.

DTU has considerable activities with quantum technologies reaching from leading edge research on quantum based communication, quantum computing over quantum based sensors and fabrication of quantum devices.

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