quantum game theory

Applications are invited for an MSCA Individual Fellowship at the National University of Ireland Galway. Areas of interest include

  • quantum computation
  • quantum information
  • quantum walks
  • quantum games
  • quantum algorithms
  • subjects close to the above

Applications are invited for Government of Ireland Scholarships to study for a Ph.D. at the National University of
Ireland, Galway. Specific topics of interest are quantum games and quantum walks. In the first instance, for more information, please email michael.mcgettrick@nuigalway.ie

Postdoctoral funding is available to do research in Quantum Computation in Galway
(Quantum Random Walks, Quantum Game Theory). The funding is supplied by
the Irish Government under the programme
"Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2015"
If you might be interested:
1) Email michael.mcgettrick@nuigalway.ie

PhD funding is available (yearly stipend 16,000 euro + fees) to do a PhD in Galway in
Quantum Game Theory or Quantum Random Walks.
Please email michael.mcgettrick@nuigalway.ie
for initial discussions as soon as possible.

Please see


and scroll down to "Project C". The masters will investigate strategies in quantum
evolutionary game theory. Please email michael.mcgettrick@nuigalway.ie for further information.


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