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Monday, June 25, 2012

We are pleased to announce the 2012 CoQuS Summer School at the University of Vienna, devoted to the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravitation! This year's edition will be focused on four series of lectures held by international experts on both theoretical and experimental aspects of gravitational and quantum physics :

· Carlo Rovelli (Marseille, FR) giving an introduction to quantum gravity for quantum physicists

· Philippe Bouyer (Bordeaux, FR) , on experimental gravitation and geophysics with matter-wave sensors

We invite applications for an interdisciplinary postdoctoral position in quantum information theory and quantum gravity, starting in the fall of 2011. The successful candidate will be hosted by the Quantum Gravity group at the Max Planck Institute (Albert Einstein Institute) for Gravitational Physics, Potsdam, Germany (http://www.aei.mpg.de/), and co-hosted by the Quantum Information Theory at the University of Potsdam (http://www.jense.qipc.org/).

2011 Postdoctoral Recruitment


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