quantum optics

Seeking a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to join the large and multi-faceted theory group in the Centre for Quantum Dynamics. The primary focus of this role is theoretical research in the project “Heisenberg-limited lasers: building the revolution”. This is a 4-year Discovery Project funded by the Australian Research Council held by me (Prof. Howard Wiseman) and Assoc. Prof. Berry (Macquarie University). The project aims to design and build a revolutionary new type of laser based on a 2020 Nature Physics paper by the two Chief Investigators.

We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to work on theoretical aspects related to quantum many-body physics. The research will focus in particular on:

- the investigation of non-equilibrium processes in synthetic quantum matter

- the development of protocols for novel engine cycles using non-equilibrium phase transitions

- the application of advanced numerical methods (e.g. tensor networks) to model quantum many-body engines

Successful candidates will work in a team of theorists and experimentalists on fundamental properties of quantum systems, such as quantum coherence and entanglement, and their applications in quantum technologies, such as quantum metrology, sensing, communication, and computation.

The Quantum Dynamics and Control group at DPhyMS, University of Luxembourg, investigates dynamical properties of open quantum systems and develops protocols for their control. We combine analytical and numerical tools, mainly from quantum optics and stochastic analysis, to characterize processes such as decoherence, entanglement, and excitation transfer. The systems of interests are diverse and range from single toy models to chaotic systems and natural molecular aggregates.

Our new independent theory research group at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (Erlangen, Germany), led by Mario Krenn, will investigate how new artificial intelligence (AI) can make conceptual advances in physics, in particular in quantum physics and quantum optics.


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