quantum simulation algorithm software

We propose a one year postdoctoral position in our private Research Lab on Quantum Computing, based near Paris. This position can be extended to 2 years, as well as to a permanent position. We offer a competitive salary.
This position will consist in developing new algorithms for classical simulation of quantum circuits on supercomputers (HPC). More detailed description is accessible to interested candidates.
Please contact Dr. Cyril ALLOUCHE, head of Atos Quantum Lab, cyril dot allouche at bull dot net,

We propose several doctoral positions in our Quantum Computing R&D department, in the field of quantum programming. These scholarships will be French CIFRE contracts: the student will be granted a 3-year contract with our company and will spend his research time between the company and the University of Paris.
For more information on the research areas and application, please send an email to: Dr Cyril ALLOUCHE, head of innovation, cyril.allouche at bull.net

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