single defects in diamond and related materials

The QUEST (QUantum Enhanced Sensing Techniques) lab in the Weizmann Institute of Science invites enthusiastic applicants for graduate studies (PhD) or post-doctoral research stay to combine physics, chemistry and some engineering in the emerging field of quantum sensing.

The lab specializes in the nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond as its quantum sensor, and will apply it to the study of molecule structure, intra- and inter-molecule reactions and couplings.

We are walking the fine line between quantum optics and condensed matter physics, with the aim of employing ideas and algorithms from the forefront of quantum information theory to our sensor, an atom-sized defect in diamond. This defect, known also as the nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center, has several unique properties, making it an exceptional solid state, single-spin system.

The Diamond Nanoscience group is based in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Macquarie University, close to Sydney. We are part of the Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems. The group involves cross-disciplinary research activity including the growth and the post-processing of nanodiamonds for their application in emerging fields of single particle probing, of magnetic nanosensors and microscopy. The studies undertaken include the use of fundamental quantum optics experiments, material science experiments and a combination of chemical physics approaches.

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