Courses in Quantum Information Science

== Europe == * Aarhus, Denmark. [ Quantum Information Processing] by Ivan Damgård and Louis Salvail. * Amsterdam. University of Amsterdam. [ Quantum Computing] by Harry Buhrman, Falk Unger and Stephanie Wehner. * Braunschweig, Germany. Technical University of Braunschweig. [ Quantum Information] by Reinhard F. Werner. * Cambridge, UK. DAMTP. [ Introduction to Quantum Computation] by Artur Ekert. * Cambridge, UK. DPMMS. [ Quantum Information] by Nilanjana Datta. * Cambridge, UK. DAMTP. [ Quantum Information Science] by Adrian Kent. * Düsseldorf, Germany. Universität Düsseldorf. [ Quantum Information I and II (partially in German)] by Dagmar Bruß. * Frankfurt, Germany. University of Frankfurt. [ Quantum information and quantum computation] by Jochen Rau. * Ankara, Turkey. Bilkent University. [ Quantum Communications and Information Processing] by Alexander Shumovsky and Erdal Arikan. * London, UK. Imperial. [ Quantum Information Tutorials and Courses] by various people at Imperial. * Leeds, UK. University of Leeds. [ Taught MSc in Quantum Technologies], including modules on Quantum Information Science, Advanced Quantum Computation and Current Topics in Quantum Technologies. == Israel == *Weizman Institute [ IAS Summer-School's Lecture Notes] by Ran Raz. == Canada == * Montreal. McGill University. [ COMP-761: Quantum Information Theory] by Patrick Hayden. * Montreal. McGill University. [ COMP-649: Quantum Cryptography] by Claude Crépeau. * Waterloo. Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo. [ Several courses on quantum information science] by Michele Mosca, Richard Cleve, Raymond Laflamme and Ashwin Nayak. == USA == * Berkeley. [ Computer Science CS294-2] by Umesh Vazirani. * Caltech. [ Physics 219/Computer Science 219 Quantum Computation] by John Preskill * MIT. [ 2.111 Quantum Computation] by Seth Lloyd and Peter Shor. * Indiana University. [ Introduction to Quantum Computing (M743)] by Zdzisław Meglicki. * Saint Anselm College. [ PS 449 Special Topics: Quantum Cryptography] by Ian Durham. * Washington University. [ Quantum Computing] by Dave Bacon == Argentina == * Rosario. [ Introduction to Quantum Computation (spanish)] by Alejandro Díaz-Caro Category:Resources for the QIP Community

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