Quantum Square - Student conference on mathematical and theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics


Quantum Square

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3rd AQuA Student Congress 2013

Registration deadline: 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Submission deadline: 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A postgraduate student conference on Mathematical Techniques for Quantum Physics will take place in Nottingham (U.K.) from 7 - 9 November 2012.

The conference will emphasise quantum information, quantum gravity and quantum disordered systems. Respectively, the invited speakers from each area are:
*Nilanjana Datta (Cambridge),
*Samuel Braunstein (York), and
*Karoline Wiesner (Bristol).

Students are encouraged to participate and contribute talks. For more information visit http://quantumsquare.weebly.com or email pmxsr3@nottingham.ac.uk or pmxdg1@nottingham.ac.uk. The meeting is mainly supported by a London Mathematical Society conference grant.

==Scope of the event==

Quantum mechanics provides the theoretical backdrop for an impressive and growing array of applications and is an ideal field for developing and exploiting powerful mathematical techniques. In the constant drive to stretch the current boundaries of understanding and to break through the technological limits constraining our empirical exploration of nature, quantum mechanics takes centre stage. Over the past twenty years in particular, quantum mechanics and its associated medley of mathematical tools have even begun to cross interdisciplinary boundaries.

Due to the complexity of the field, quantum mechanics now forms an umbrella for many subdivisions, including the study of quantum information, quantum gravity and quantum disordered systems which will be the main points of focus for this conference. With the extreme specialisation that many students undertake during our postgraduate years, even closely related subject areas can appear quite distant.

This postgraduate student conference aims to narrow the gaps and chip away at the boundaries by providing a medium for students to be exposed not only to others within their direct specialisation but also to those situated next door. We hope that this may help germinate the seeds of future collaborations and spark interest in areas which students may not previously have been exposed to.

The event is organised by the Quantum Correlations group, University of Nottingham <http://quantumcorrelations.weebly.com> and mainly funded by a London Mathematical Society grant.