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#1 Sun, 19/10/2008 - 01:03

Bibliography problems

Hi, and thanks for getting a bibliography system up and running again.

I suppose that since it doesn't say otherwise on [[Using_bibliography]], the new system is supposed to be live for all users. It says ''Use one of the entries in Wiki Tools menu at the bottom of the side of the page to create a new entry'' and mentions '''Create entry''' and '''Import entry''' as possible choices. The problem is that under "Wiki Tools" in my menu bar on [ Special:Bibliography] are only four lines: "Upload file", "Special pages", "Bibliographies" and "quantiki.bib". The first two are the same as on every wiki page, "Bibliography" is a headline and "quantiki.bib" just links to the current page (with the extra parameters view=&f=quantiki.bib in the url, but still the same page). I am logged in, both on the wiki part and on the Portal part.

You didn't enable adding bibliography entries only for administrators or something?

Tue, 21/10/2008 - 12:04

Problem solved

Hi, you are right. Once again thanks for you help! The problem is fixed now - I have tried to use bibliography with some non-admin user.