The foundation of Probing the Universe

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The foundation of Probing the Universe

This is only the abstract of the paper entitled "The foundation of Probing the Universe" (because the mathematical equations and pictures in the paper do not match with the format on Quantiki). And I am looking for a help from Quantiki for this, and wish that the whole paper can be seen on Quantiki soon.

The Foundation of Probing The Universe
Tao Zhao
Dalian Maritime University
P. R. China

Abstract Based on Mach’s principle, the new world outlook is put forward and the new physical meanings of vacuum fluctuations, Kepler’s third law, weightlessness and mass-energy relation are revealed. Thus, it is dis-covered that space, defined as physical space (PS), is made up of mat¬ter, defined as MPS (matter in PS), and a body’s inertial mass is formed by the interaction between it and MPS. Based on the above, the new picture of the universe is revealed, which shows that the universe consists of different size whirlpools that are composed of celestial bodies and MPS together, in which a whirlpool is defined as the general quantum field; the mecha¬nism of yielding gravita¬tion and space-time curve is revealed, which shows that they are formed by the change of den-sity and spin of the general quantum field and that the foundation of probing the universe is not the concept of force (or mass), but is that of field.

Key words Mach’s principle-new world outlook-physical space (PS)-matter in PS (MPS)-general quantum field-gravita¬tion-space time curve-inertial mass-general quantum universe