Increase the number of qubits for QC simulator necessary ?

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#1 Fri, 22/05/2009 - 01:57

Increase the number of qubits for QC simulator necessary ?


I am just curious whether to increase the number of qubits at a QC simulator is necessary or not.

Currently, most QC simulators are running in a single CPU environment. However, I am thinking about implement a QC simulator in an environment which could significantly increase the number of qubits so that we can try more strategies to use the power of quantum computers when one day the real QC comes true.

Theoretical work on quantum computation usually assumes the existence of
units that perform highly idealized unitary operations. However, in practice these
operations are difficult to realize: Disregarding decoherence, a hardware implementation
of a QC will perform unitary operations that are more complicated than those
considered in most theoretical work. Therefore it is important to have theoretical
tools to validate designs of physically realizable quantum processors.

Sat, 31/10/2009 - 18:14

Maybe not?

If we're talking about carrying out algorithms or writing software, I'd argue that it probably isn't necessary to increase the number of qubits in a simulation dramatically. As an example, we can use Shor's to factor 15 or any other larger number, but the process is the same. So we can show that the technique works, but it isn't necessary to show that it scales. For instance, addition on a classical computer follows the same steps regardless if we're adding a 8 bit or n bit number.