New Complex Quantum Mechanics Mathematics

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#1 Wed, 30/01/2008 - 12:04

New Complex Quantum Mechanics Mathematics

I came across your forum through a Yahoo search that turned up research towards the miniture world of the quanta or rather discovering it's limits.
I can tell you the answer now!
There are no limits, at least they are far smaller than you imagine. So small in fact that I can dismiss those limits for the sake of this discussion.
I have rewritten complex mathematics and as a result been able to revise quantum mechanics.
Now there is a psychological barrier for theorists to cross here.
I do not think sociologists have a term for the culture shock of theories like relativity that wipe away previous misconceptions. Perhaps you can come up with one.
Anyway to revise complex mathematics you need to remove 2 obstacles:
1> The interpretation of how i^2 = -1 (necessary to base any new revision of complex mathematics.
2> How to order the complex set of numbers.
3> You can also see my latest message on: How you can use this to solve Newton's Cube (the cubic nature if light's expansion).
Please feel free to advertise or debate the material on site elsewhere.

Wed, 03/11/2010 - 18:34

new quantum mechanics mathematics

Perhaps You would reviewthis new -1 tangent mathematics which has proven that the universe has two planes of reference , one with a squared center (4), the other with a curved center (3), Soapce is inherently curved because 1/=-1(0.999) and 1 ^-x/=X-1^2, where X is the space oreintation, and 1 is "form " . The tangent vaue is 0.00016666667 at the base and -1 starting at number 3 With midline tangents at 1:6+1:6=1/3.

see the Link to the mathematics, and read very slowly, as this is very difficult