Suppose everything is quantized

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#1 Fri, 23/05/2008 - 05:57

Suppose everything is quantized

For some years there has been a discussion among physicists regarding stuff that falls into black holes. Each bit of stuff is associated with some information, and apparently there is a Law of Conservation of Information. Stephen Hawking showed that stuff can escape a black hole, but there has been a problem in showing how the information that fell into the hole also escapes. A possible breakthrough is described here:

The essence of the solution appears to be the notion that if Space and Time are quantized, then a singularity, the thing that a black hole has been expected to have which would destroy information, would not be able to actually exist. That is, the notion that a singularity can exist is a consequence of the assumptions that Space and Time are continua.

Well, We know that Matter and Mass and Energy and various other things (like Information!) are quantized. Adding Space and Time to the list could give us reason to think about whether or not absolutely everything is quantized. An important thing which so far as I know has not been seriously studied by physicists, in terms of quanta, is Momentum. However, if the "dimensional units" of Momentum involve Mass and Space and Time, and if all of those are quantized, then what might we conclude from that?

A number of years ago I put some effort into thinking about that topic, and some of the results are described here:
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