Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group


Instituto de Telecomunicacoes; IST, University of Lisbon
Av. Rovisco Pais 1 Torre Norte, piso 10
38° 44' 12.6456" N, 9° 8' 21.6456" W

The Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group promotes research and advanced training aiming at understanding and exploiting the role of quantum physics, of thermodynamics, and of relativity in the encoding, detection, transmission and processing of information, as well as at exploring the insights quantum information brings into fundamental physics.

Namely, our team develops research in Quantum Information, Computation and Simulation, in Relativistic Quantum Information, in Quantum Thermodynamics and Nanoenergetics, and in Quantum Effects in Biology and Open Quantum Dynamics, in the context of a variety of international projects and a doctoral programme.

The Group is part of Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT), a national research institute rated Excellent in its international assessments. It is located in Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, the School of Science and Engineering of the University of Lisbon), in Lisbon, Portugal (see Contact to find out how to reach us).