Theory and Experiment

Our Mission:

Initialized in December 2019 by students of all concentrations and degree levels, The Quantum Research Group, abbreviated as the QRG, is an independent quantum reporting & research outlet dedicated to educating institutions & contributing to quantum computing system development. Initializing in New York City, the QRG is specifically aimed at creating innovative QRG think tanks and then testing to various quantum cloud systems to solve historically unsolvable problems.

Why is this important?

The UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information is dedicated to the development of the software and information processing infrastructure required for future quantum technologies. Our research is focused on methodologies and capabilities of quantum software and information technologies, with a significant focus on the development of new applications for these technologies.

Research group on quantum electrical circuits

We in the »Self-Learning Systems« group works in a range of advanced machine learning topics. We employ deep learning in combination with reinforcement-learning techniques and methods for reliable and interpretable artificial intelligence (AI). We also use and investigate continual and distributed learning as well as deep compression.

The Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) is a unique collaboration between four leading Australian universities (the University of Sydney, UNSW Sydney, University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University) with expertise in quantum science and technology. Proudly funded by the NSW Government, SQA aims to support and promote Sydney’s quantum ecosystem by:


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