Theory and Experiment

The international center “Quantum Artificial Intelligence for Science and Technology (QuArtist)”, led by distinguished Prof. Enrique Solano, develops cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in fundamentals and applications of quantum technologies. Among them, we can mention quantum computing, quantum simulation, quantum communication, quantum sensing, and quantum artificial intelligence.

The research group lead by Robert Wille focuses on design automation for quantum computing.

Alarcos Research Group, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.

Quantum Research Line:
Quality in Quantum Computing: Definition of design methods and techniques for the development of quality quantum programs. This line is developed in collaboration with Alhmabra Eidos within the team aQUANTUM.

M2i Formación, a leading technical training company that, among many other courses on IT, good practices, digital transformation and cybersecurity, is a pioneer in Europe in teaching quantum programming courses created by aQuantum.

M2i Formación aQuantum courses:
Quantum Programming Foundations
Quantum Programming Principles with Microsoft QDK
Quantum Programming Principles with IBM Q Experience & Others SDKS


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