Theory and Experiment

aQuantum, a research, development and consulting group in quantum software engineering and programming composed of Alhambra, Grupo Alarcos (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain) and Enki-Blue.

UNO, the ultrafast nonlinear optics lab

Our sight, a magnifying lens, a telescope, a camera: we all experience the unique role of light in the discovery of the world around us. Light, not only reveals the world but also shapes it, interacting with matter in many ways: from the warmth of lying in the sun to the creation of particles from the vacuum. optics deals with the physics of light and its interactions with matter.

The center, QUEST – QUantum Entanglement in Science and Technology, is being established in order to advance the application of quantum mechanics to both fundamental and applied science, and has amongst its founding members both theorists and experimentalists who are active in research related to quantum entanglement. Our hope is that the center will provide assistance and a friendly “home” to all scientists who want to participate in advancing the field of quantum entanglement in systems that include atomic, ionic, photonic, solid state and cryogenic media.

We are an interdisciplinary (experimental and theoretical) research group in the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology at the University of Calgary. Our research is focused on the reversible quantum interface between the superconducting circuits and quantum optical systems. In our lab we are interested in developing quantum communication technology that is integrable with superconducting processors for building large-scale quantum networks.


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