Theory and Experiment

Facultad de Matemática, Astronomía, Física y Computación (FaMAF) is one of the thirteen faculties of Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. In this institution, courses related to Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computer Science are taught.

Our group focuses on quantum coherence device optimization and applications to enable novel sensing, communication, many-body quantum emulation/simulation and quantum-computing capabilities

Alexandria Quantum Computing Group (AleQCG) is located in Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt.

AleQCG is interested in all aspects of research related to quantum computing, especially:
-Designing quantum algorithm to solve hard computational problems.
-Synthesis and optimization of quantum/reversible circuits.
-Quantum Inspired evolutionary algorithm.
-Quantum dot cellular automata.
-Quantum machine learning.
-Quantum cryptography.

Quantum Information Systems Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore

PI: Charles Ci Wen Lim

Research areas: Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Communication, and Quantum Correlations.

We are looking for highly motivated Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows to work on the theoretical aspects of quantum correlations (quantum nonlocality, semi-device-independent networks, etc) and quantum cryptography.


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