Quantum Information and Quantum Matter (IIP-UFRN)

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The laws of quantum mechanics govern not only the behavior of elementary particles, but also the collective properties of many-body systems at low temperatures. Understanding the various phases in which quantum matter can organize itself has been a long-standing goal of theoretical physics, motivated both by the quest for new materials and by fundamental questions about the emergence of exotic phenomena in strongly correlated systems.

In parallel to that, the last two decades have seen the establishment of quantum information science, a highly inter-disciplinary field with the basic aim of harnessing quantum effects to enhance the processing of information in a diversity of scenarios. Moreover, quantum information has established a new perspective and set of tools, which have brought a deeper understanding and dozens of new results and insights to the understanding of quantum theory itself.

Our group at the International Institute of Physics (IIP) is interested in several research lines under the quantum information and quantum matter umbrella, including topics such as: the interface between quantum information and many-body physics, quantum foundations, quantum enhanced protocols, quantum phase transitions, analytical methods of quantum field theory to study strongly correlated systems, quantum magnetism in low dimensions, quantum causality and experimental implementations.