Huawei Hong Kong Research Centre (HKRC), established in 2012, embodies Theory Lab and Noah’s Ark. While Noah’s Ark is oriented towards applied research and implementations, Theory Lab hosts a selection of interdisciplinary groups pushing the boundaries of foundational research. The experts in Theory lab have diverse scientific backgrounds, ranging from engineering to computer science, mathematics and physics. Consequently, a wide range of research lines – from most foundational questions to their practical implementations – are all realized within Huawei Labs.

Our leading group is concerned with research in quantum information theory, condensed matter theory and the intersection between the fields.

- We ask what information processing tasks are possible using single quantum systems as carriers of information. We think about the mathematical-theoretical foundations of quantum information, specifically about the theory of entanglement and questions of tomography, but also about ways of realizing topological quantum computing.

Quantum computing and physics activities at General Atomics - Energy Group

Research Group on Theoretical AMO Physics led by Dr. Michał Tomza at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw.

We work on the intersection of theoretical atomic, molecular, and optical (AMO) physics and quantum chemistry. We are primary interested in engineering novel controllable quantum molecular systems for both fundamental research and upcoming quantum technologies.

Our group includes motivated PhD and MSc students who are currently working on interesting topics in the field of quantum information. I, Saeed Haddadi, the founder and CEO of Saeed's Quantum Information Group, welcome you to this quantum information world.


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