Our research lies at the intersection of many-body dynamics, quantum simulation, quantum control, and applications of machine learning in physics. We are interested in problems of both fundamental nature and immediate applications. We develop approximate analytical methods, and design numerical techniques in order to investigate different problems in quantum dynamics. We collaborate with theory groups and experimental labs to test our theoretical predictions against experiment.

KU is seeking an experienced & highly motivated Research Scientist or Postdoc Associate to work on a funded project to investigate and develop quantum-inspired type algorithms, for Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) in view of applications to nuclear reactor simulations. The specific class of quantum-inspired methods on which we will focus is tensor networks.

This group is based at FZ Jülich in Germany and part of PGI-8.

Our research covers various aspects of complex quantum systems, especially non-equilibrium settings. We have a strong focus on the development of computational methods that leverage the latest developments in machine learning for this purpose.

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IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) is a joint research institute of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) created in 2007 building upon the former Cross-Disciplinary Physics Department of the Mediterranean Institute for Advance Studies (IMEDEA) dating from 1995. Its mission is to develop Cross-Disciplinary and Strategic Research in Complex Systems following the established scientific approach of physicists. 

We study harnessing quantum mechanical properties of nanostructures and light. We are motivated by wishing to better understand the physical world, as well as enabling novel types of technologies, including energy, information, metrology and imaging.


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