The Quantum Physics division directed by Prof. Luigi Amico at the Quantum Research Center (QRC), Technology Innovation Institute (TII) recently established in Abu Dhabi, is seeking a well-qualified, highly motivated, and dynamic Lead Researcher (Tenure track) in the area of theoretical analysis of superconducting circuits.

Job Posting Title:
Hearne Research Chair in Theoretical Physics (Full Professor with Tenure)

Position Type:

LSUAM Science - Department of Physics and Astronomy (Jeffery C Blackmon Jr. (00011859))

Work Location:
0202 J.W. Nicholson Hall

The departments of physics and computer science at Leiden university each have a tenure track faculty opening, as part of their research initiative in "Applied Quantum Algorithms". Funding for these two positions comes from the Quantum Delta NL consortium, which joins software and hardware developers at centers in Delft (with QuTech), Amsterdam (with QuSoft), Eindhoven, and Twente.

This is a professorship appointment for a five year term with a tenure track career path towards a permanent W3 professorship. For further information about the tenure track process, please visit

A permanent position is open at Telecom Paris, for an Assistant or Associate Professor in the Theory of Quantum Information and Computation.


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