Free and online graduate-level course on “Quantum Computing and Programming”

We offer a fully online gradate-level course (6 ECTS credits) on “Quantum Computing and Programming” as a part of the collaboration among QWorld, University of Latvia, and Rigetti under the QTOM (Quantum Technologies Open Master) Pilot by QTEdu. The course will start on Sep 13, 2021. We will have lectures and labs (with extra activities such as invited talks, Kahoot games, etc) until at the end of November. Each student will complete 10 quizzes or homework. Then, the project phase will start with a hackathon, and the students will have a month to complete their term projects (mid-January). The final grade will be out of 100, and each student will be able to receive an official document with her final grade provided by the doctoral study program of Faculty of Computing at University of Latvia.

Application deadline: 23:59 (UTC), Friday, September 10, 2021
Quota: 200 students
Period: Sep 13 - Nov 25 (Lectures) & Nov 26 - Jan 16 (Projects) with a hackathon on Nov 27-28

During the course, the following topics are covered: basics of probabilistic and quantum systems; elements of basic quantum circuits and quantum programming libraries such as Qiskit, ProjectQ, and Cirq; superposition and measurement; composite quantum system; Grover’s search algorithm and its implementation; complex numbers and Bloch Sphere; Quantum Fourier Transform and its implementation; and, Shor’s factorization algorithm and its implementation.

The first edition of QCourse511 is available as a part of the collaboration among QWorld, DF@LU (Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia), and Rigetti under the QTOM (Quantum Technologies Open Master) Pilot by QTEdu (the coordination and support action for Quantum Technology Education of Quantum Flagship).

Please visit the course website for the details and application form: