2 PhD positions on Quantum Dynamics in Cologne

We are inviting applications for two PhD positions on quantum dynamics in the group Qhaos led by Silvia Pappalardi.

Several questions lie at the interface between quantum information theory and the dynamics of out-of-equilibrium many-body physics. How does quantum chaos emerge in the dynamics of many particles stems? Can we use quantum correlations to challenge classical dynamics? Our group is interested in the study of many-body dynamics using tools of statistical mechanics and quantum information, in particular entanglement.

Research projects for prospective PhD will include:
‣ Bipartite and multipartite entanglement in dynamical phases of matter;
‣ High-order correlations in many-body dynamics;
‣ Novel out-of-equilibrium states with semi-classical methods.

  • Where: Institute of Theoretical Physics, Cologne, Germany, within the cluster of excellence Matter and Light for Quantum Computing ML4Q.
  • When: starting from fall 2023, negotiable.
  • Who: students with a master's in physics, or equivalent. Female students are particularly encouraged to apply.
  • Deadline: March 15, 2023. Later applications will be considered in case not all positions will have been filled.
  • How to apply: send a CV, description of research interests, Bachelor’s and Master’s grades and names and e-mails of two possible referees to silvia.pappalardi@phys.ens.fr

Find more on the website www.qhaos.org or contact us by email!

The salary is based on the German TV-L E13 pay scale. Appointments will be at 75% E13 for three years for doctoral candidates.