A fully funded PhD position is available to work in the Thermodynamics and energetics of quantum systems group (QuSys) in the School of Physics at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland lead by Prof. John Goold. The group is a dynamic, International and gender-balanced bunch working on the cutting edge of the field. The research interests of the group are available on the group website:

We are offering a funded PhD studentship to a highly motivated and well-qualified researcher who intends to work in the field of quantum thermodynamics. The successful candidate will work as part of the research group led by Jens Eisert at the FU Berlin. For an overview of research activities of the group, see

We are looking for the PhD student to work in Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication Group at the newly created International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT), funded by the Foundation for Polish Science, and hosted by the University of Gdansk. The broad aim of the Quantum Cybersecurity and Communication Group is to perform research concerning quantum phenomena which could be used for quantum methods for information transfer, coding and processing, aimed towards applied physics and possible commercialization.

We seek excellent, highly motivated PhD students to join our theoretical quantum technology research group led by Prof. Markus Müller. Our group recently relocated to the Institute for Quantum Information at RWTH Aachen University and the Peter-Grünberg-Institute for Theoretical Nanotechnology at the Forschungszentrum Jülich in Germany.

We are seeking two highly motivated PhDs students to join our research group in Theoretical Quantum Physics at the LMU Munich. The candidates are expected to have strong analytic skills, ideally with a background in fermionic quantum systems and reduced density matrices. Mathematical Physicists are encouraged to apply as well. Our projects are concerned with the interface of Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics.


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