2 Postdocs and 3 PhDs for on-chip photonic quantum computing in Taiwan

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Saturday, October 15, 2022

Open Positions for Postdocs and PhDs
(Photonic quantum computing in Taiwan)

Photonic linear optical networks are a promising platform for quantum information processing. The challenge in universal photonic quantum computing is its scalability. To scale up photonic quantum computing, one will need to achieve the stability of photonic sources, the tunability of linear optical interferometers, and the efficiency of photon number resolving detectors. All these requirements can be met in integrated photonics.

To realize on-chip photonic quantum computing, we gather experts on squeezed light sources, integrated photonic circuits, single-photon detectors, and validation theory to form a Dutch-Taiwanese consortium. The research project will be conducted in close international collaboration among theory groups and experiment groups.

On the Taiwanese side, we target for
1. (theory) validation theory of multiphoton linear optics networks (1 Postdoc, 1 PhD),
2. (experiment) on-chip fabrication of squeezed light and validators (1 Postdoc, 2 PhDs).

In this project, one will have the opportunity to collaborate with different research groups complementary to his/her expertise. For theorists, your theory will be straightforwardly implemented in experiments, while for experimentalists, your experiment will be conducted with a solid theoretical foundation.

A successful candidate will work under the joint supervision of Jun-Yi Wu (Tamkang Uni, New Taipei City), Ray-Kuang Lee (National Tsing Hua Uni, Hsinchu City), Ming-Chang Lee (National Tsing Hua Uni, Hsinchu City), and Yen-Hung Chen (National Central Uni, Taoyuan City). The international collaborators of our consortium are the University of Twente and Leiden University.

Location: Tamkang Uni (New Taipei City), National Tsing Hua Uni (Hsinchu City), National Central Uni (Taoyuan City)

Benefit: The salary will be set according to the standard regulation of NSTC depending on a candidate’s education and experiences. Usually, it has the following ranges
• For postdoc: NTD 60,000 ~ 72,000 / month with a year-end bonus of 12.5%
• For Ph.D.: NTD 32000 ~ 46000 / month

• For experimental research, a candidate should have a background in Physics or related fields.
• For theoretical research, a candidate should have a background in Physics, Mathematics, or related fields.

Starting date: all the positions can start immediately. After the selection procedure, one would expect about one month for the administration procedure.

Application deadline: Please send your application before (inclusive) October 15th.

Application documents: (1) a motivation letter, (2) a CV (resume), and (3) a publication list with a brief summary of results.

Contact: Inquiries and applications should be sent to Dr. Jun-Yi Wu (wujunyi@gms.tku.edu.tw)