Application Deadline Prolonged - Postdoc in Theory of Quantum Open Systems/Quantum Information at Center For Theoretical Physics (Warsaw)

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Monday, August 31, 2020

Fully founded 3-year theory PhD and Postdoc positions available now in the group of Prof. Jarek Korbicz within OPUS project "Novel approach to decoherence and information transfer studies in open quantum systems" founded by the National Science Center of Poland.

This is an exciting possibility to work on truly foundational topics in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a small research institute. The broad research topic is novel application of quantum information techniques to studies of quantum open systems. The main line will be concentrated around the recently studied advanced forms of decoherence such as quantum Darwinism and Spectrum Broadcast Structures and their role in the quantum-to-classical transition. Candidates are expected hold a recognized PhD degree (obtained not earlier than in 2014) and have a solid background in quantum open systems. Some experience with quantum information theory would also be appreciated.

The expected starting date is October 1sth, 2020 or perhaps a bit later. The formal announcement with financial details and the recruitment procedure is available here (please scroll down to a PDF document):