Fully founded Postdoc position available at the Center for Theoretical Physics of Polish Academy of Sciences (CTP PAS), Warsaw, Poland, in the group of Prof. Jarek Korbicz.

Quantum Computing Postdoctoral Scholar - 96805
Division: AM-Applied Mathematics and Computational Research

Applicants are invited to join the condensed matter theory group to explore the use of near-term quantum computers in the study of quantum many-body physics.

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral researcher to work on theoretical aspects related to many-body quantum physics with Rydberg atoms. The position is funded through the project ‘Tailored quantum matter for sensing and fundamental physics’ (financed by the Baden-Württemberg foundation).

The project goals are the following:

(i) to theoretically investigate the creation and control of stable collective phenomena in open driven many-body quantum systems on Rydberg quantum simulators.

Fully founded 3-year theory PhD and Postdoc positions available now in the group of Prof. Jarek Korbicz within OPUS project "Novel approach to decoherence and information transfer studies in open quantum systems" founded by the National Science Center of Poland.


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