Experimental physicist

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Would you like a permanent research position, tinkering with lasers and electronics? Working with some very bright people who love what they do? Without needing to write papers or grant applications? We are continually seeking new people, in particular the kinds of people that have built experiments to work with cold atoms, trapped ions, quantum optics and the like. PhD graduates that have worked with tunable lasers, photodetectors, AOMs, RF electronics and all the stuff that makes our labs fun. To work in our facility at Carlton, Melbourne, Australia doing research and development on new laser and optical technology for applications in quantum science. The candidate will work with a team of professional physicists and electronic and optical engineers at MOGLabs, in collaboration with academics, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students at several leading universities in Australia. Experience and demonstrated hands-on ability with tunable lasers, optical systems, computer control and data acquisition will be highly regarded. A PhD and some postdoctoral experience are expected. Please send enquiries to jobs@moglabs.com.