Your mission

As Quantum Algorithm Developer at Q.ANT, you will set new standards on the Quality of photonic quantum computing. You will Anticipate which existing quantum algorithms are most suitable to be adapted onto our photonic architecture for a given problem set. Furthermore, your Nosiness and creativity will let you to devise novel photonic quantum algorithms. In combination with the collaborative Teamwork of all Q.ANTies, this will enable you to solve thus far intractable problems.

Your tasks

Do you want to be part of the 2nd quantum revolution? Do you want to bring photonic technologies to a single quantum level? Do you want to build novel photonic quantum processors?

PhotonQ aims at building a photonic quantum processor and create novel methods for efficient photonic information processing.

You will develop, integrate, and apply quantum computing and advanced classical methods for computational chemistry. You will benefit from the internal expertise, a network of multi-year collaborations with high profile players in this space including the Google Quantum AI team and quantum computing startup QC Ware, as well as state-of-the-art HPC infrastructure. Through this setup, you will get the opportunity to work in industry on cutting edge technology and do basic science and method development.

We are looking for exceptional and motivated candidates for a postdoc / quantum softwere engineer in quantum device characterization and error mitigation. The position is funded by the grant " National Supercomputing Infrastructure for EuroHPC - EuroHPC PL" realised in Center for Theoretical Physics PAS in Warsaw and coordinated by dr Michał Oszmaniec.

Our unit supports BASF's divisions in answering logistical challenges and issues with digitalization solutions.


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