Quantum Compiler Developer
Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
(Innsbruck, Full time, m/w/x)

Quantum Algorithm Developer
Parity Quantum Computing GmbH
(Innsbruck/Ulm/Hamburg, Full time, m/w/x)

Your mission

You set the highest standards for the Quality of your work, you Anticipate bottlenecks and work out appropriate solutions, you are Nosy and constantly looking for optimizations in your daily work and you feel most comfortable as part of a strong Team. Congratulations — you are Q.ANT

Your tasks

As a Software Developer at Q.ANT, you will be working on our quantum software stack, which is one of the essential parts of achieving our grand vision of photonic quantum computing. You will design and implement new features and components while improving the existing codes and making them more efficient. You will collaborate closely with the experts in our quantum computing team to provide the necessary modules and extensions to our software.

Your tasks

In integrated photonics the testing and characterisation of the components and circuits is of crucial importance to validate ideas, improve designs but also to assess the full photonic system. Because of the many components which can be integrated into one PIC, this is a challenging but rewarding job and as a characterisation and testing engineer this is your turf! You check the PICs as they come fresh from the fab and make sure, they perform as they should. You dynamically develop and adopt test procedures to benchmark the latest layouts and designs.


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