The Interdisciplinary Research Institute (IRIG) of CEA Grenoble is opening a permanent position in theoretical and computational physics, focused on the modelling of semiconductor materials and devices for quantum information technologies.

We are seeking for an experienced physicist and an electronics engineer who are familiar with quantum communications, optics, and laser in our scientific group “Iran Quantique”. Candidates conditions conclude:

•Strong background in experimental optics communications.
•Experience in computer programming (LabView, MatLab, Python, etc).
•Motivated in teamwork.
•Willing to live in Tehran, Iran.

We are currently seeking a Project Manager (PM) to provide administrative and managerial support for government-funded and internal R&D projects.

We are currently seeking an experienced Electronic Engineer to lead the development of ORCA’s electronic systems.

ORCA Computing is seeking a theorist in the area of quantum computing to build and lead the theory team within ORCA.


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