As part of our exciting new partnership with Microsoft Ireland, Trinity’s MSc in Quantum Science and Technology team are delighted to offer two prestigious scholarships to outstanding female students undertaking the programme in the academic year 2021/22.


Nu Quantum is looking to fund a 3-6 month long internship starting during summer 2021. The internships are full-time, paid, and based in Cambridge where possible.

Ideal candidates are either well into their PhDs, or recently finished. The projects will be carried out at the Nu Quantum headquarters and optics lab in Cambridge, collaboratively with the team which is now 15-strong.

Job Description:

At Horizon Quantum Computing, we aim to bridge the gap between quantum computers and conventional software development. We are seeking applicants with experience in one or more of the following areas to join us as we develop tools to program some of the world’s most advanced processors:

We are currently hiring for two roles at Nu Quantum. These are :

- Photonics Engineer
- Detector Scientist

All roles are based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

About us: What we do at Nu Quantum

Illuminating the quantum revolution.

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