Funded PhD Studentship on Diamond-Based Quantum Networks- University of Cambridge

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

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PhD Studentship on Diamond-Based Quantum Networks

Through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme - NQIT, we offer a fully funded PhD studentship at the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge. The studentship comes with a well-funded research programme with additional funding available for research visits to leading research groups in this field worldwide.

Applications: Applicants will be considered for 1st October 2020 starting date. Applicants should provide their CV (including publications list, if any) and the contact details of two referees via email to Mete Atatüre ( not later than 30th April 2020.

The Project: Quantum networks require an integrated architecture for the controlled distribution of quantum entanglement over large distances. They necessitate efficient conversion between local (stationary) qubit states manipulated and stored in local nodes and transmittable (flying) qubits. This PhD project will deliver the fundamental components of a highly efficient distributed quantum network in a scalable architecture using optically active colour centres in diamond. Spins are information storage and processor units and the photons are low-loss information carriers. The current state of the art for quantum networks is two-qubit distant entanglement, demonstrated with trapped ions, atoms in cavities, and diamond NV centres. High-yield generation/collection of coherent photons remains an essential challenge for all in the quest for efficient quantum networks beyond two nodes, as well as realising a photon-loss-resilient network through exchange of multiphoton entangled states. Fortunately, an alternative system capable of addressing this challenge has emerged in the last few years: diamond colour centres based on group-4 elements (silicon, germanium, tin, lead). These are currently the only colour centres in diamond with naturally high fraction of zero-phonon line photons, and optical/microwave access to coherent spin states, simultaneously.

The project will optimize diamond-based nanostructures to achieve coherent spin control with high photon collection efficiency, and then focus on implementing entanglement generation between multiple spins and multiple photons. Throughout the project, the PhD student will gain extensive experience with experimental quantum optics and quantum control protocols, as well as nanofabrication of diamond-based quantum devices.

Eligibility Criteria: Full requirements of the University of Cambridge and the Physics Department apply. The applicant must have a UK/EU/EEA citizenship.

For further information please visit: our group website