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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Join us in developing the future of Microelectronics and Quantum! Are you interested in ensure the future business advantage with wide deployment of Microelectronics, Quantum Technologies or working in our dedicated fab teams? Due to our business growth, we are seeking new professionals to join our Microelectronics and Quantum technologies research area, at VTT. 
VTT is one of the leading research organizations in Europe and we are operating the largest R&D cleanroom in the Nordic countries, located in Micronova premises, Espoo. We develop innovative enabling technologies and apply them to practical micro- and nanosystems. We work closely with global players in the microelectronics field, including demanding industrial partners. Currently, VTT microelectronics and quantum team is building Finland’s first quantum computer together with supplier that will be available for quantum algorithm development. What unites us at VTT are the curiosity, passion of learning and devotion to finding solutions to global challenges and answers to our customers’ needs. You can familiarize with us further by exploring VTT’s research infra through VTT World.

VTT has always been an innovator in the field of microelectronics. We are an innovator in the field of microelectronics and a central player in shaping the industry, both in Finland and internationally. Our know-how has enabled us to be pioneers in developing novel micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), photonics integrated circuits and quantum technology and other specialised components used to create a wide range of sensors and devices. We have been designing innovative RF components for mobile telecommunications since the industry's early days. Our work in quantum technology and 2D materials continues our tradition of operating at the cutting edge of nano- and microelectronic component development. 

Quantum technology will revolutionise many industrial sectors, and will already begin spawning new, nationally significant business and research opportunities over the next few years. Our work in the emerging fields of quantum technology and 2D materials continues the tradition of being at the leading edge of micro and nano-electronic component development. VTT is a member of leading European research projects as well as national initiatives (e.g. Quantum Technology Finland). We master and mix superconducting, photonic, and semiconducting technology platforms and our goal is to become a leading foundry to produce quantum chips and to provide the full spectrum of quantum services including quantum computing and its practical use cases. 

Dedicated fab teams. Micronova’s cleanroom is run by dedicated maintenance, process engineering, quality and cleanroom operations professionals. The open access cleanroom facilities make Micronova a central hub for the Finnish microelectronics industry ecosystem. Instead of investing in their own infrastructure, companies can use Micronova’s facilities for their own R&D needs. This brings companies together organically and facilitates the planning of joint projects and efforts. Soon there will also be a company-driven cleanroom facility next to Micronova – Kvanttinova! 

Open positions: 
Due to our growth, we are hiring a new colleagues in several teams at Espoo. We warmly encourage you to apply if you spot a position that might be suitable for your background and interests!

Sensor system integration team (2)
1. Research Scientist, Analog/Mixed-signal IC design (baseband) 
2. Senior Scientist, Analog/Mixed-signal IC design (baseband)

Quantum computing hardware team (2)
3. Research Scientist, Superconducting quantum circuits 
4. Senior Scientist, Superconducting quantum circuits 

Quantum algorithms and software team 
5. Senior Scientist, Quantum algorithms and software 

Fab maintenance team (2) 
6-7. Laiteinsinöörejä/-teknikkoja puhdastilan kunnossapitoon (FI)

What we offer you: 
Visionary work in technology. We offer positions at the cutting-edge of technology and engineering from next generation microelectronics and quantum technology to automation and robotics, energy systems and more. Our research agenda is dedicated to creating sustainable growth by solving systemic and technological challenges, so your work will go towards creating real, positive impact. Read more about our strategy – the path of exponential hope.
Fascinating projects, excellent research environment. With us, you get to work on a combination of cutting-edge academic research and applied customer projects, both locally and internationally.
Great career opportunities, superb colleagues. At VTT, excellence in research is a strategic priority. We offer long-term positions and stable career paths in top-level research. People tend to stay with us over 10 years since there are always new roles and responsibilities to grow into. Collaborating in a cross-disciplinary community with superb colleagues is a source of learning, inspiration, and fun.
Support for your well-being. Our people are our main asset, so we take good care of them. We aim to nurture great team spirit and leadership and offer versatile well-being services to enable a good work–life balance. On top of 6 weeks of paid holidays, we offer exercise and culture benefits, hobby clubs, and voluntary well-being services such as meditation programmes and trainings on cognitive ergonomics.
Apply now and join us in developing the future of Microelectronics and Quantum!

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