MIRAQLS Theory Postdoc in Ultrafast Quantum Sensing

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Sunday, November 20, 2022

We are starting a research program into ultrafast quantum sensing and metrology. We are in particular looking for candidates with a background in quantum and nonlinear optics/quantum sensing/quantum metrology. The project aims to develop ultrafast probe states for doing sensing in regions of the electromagnetic spectrum beyond the visible/near-visible band. The selected candidate will also be jointly advised by Prof. J.E. Sipe from the University of Toronto. Besides theory, the candidate will develop software for optimization of ultrafast parametric sources with colleagues in Montréal and will interact with experimentalists both locally and abroad as part of the MIRAQLS project jointly funded by Canada’s NSERC and the European Comission.

More information about the Polyquantique group and how to apply in the following link https://polyquantique.github.io/metrology_postdoc/