Open position for PhDs and PostDocs at the University of Vienna

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PhD-Positions and PostDoc-Positions available for: Photonic Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation

The University of Vienna is currently advertising positions for PhD-students and post-doctoral researchers in experimental quantum photonics and quantum information processing. The research will take place in the environment of the Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), which is a joint center of the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Technology, and the Austrian Academy of Sciences to set new impulses for research through its unique spectrum of research topics.

The experimental work will be dedicated to obtain new insights in quantum information processing and to contribute to the transition of the field from fundamental physics to application-oriented research. Quantum technology for realizing scalable photonic quantum computers will be developed in collaboration with other local groups. The achievements will allow:

* to perform photonic quantum simulation experiments of quantum phenomena in biology, chemistry and physics,
* to realize new concepts and algorithms for photonic quantum computers
* to investigate the complexity of multi-particle entanglement and its application for quantum metrology and quantum information processing
* to address the scale-up of photonic quantum computing

We welcome applications from candidates with an excellent academic record in experimental quantum optics, quantum information processing, condensed-matter physics, superconducting detectors, quantum dots, NV-centers, cryogenics or electrical engineering.

The application (including CV, statement of purpose and reference letter) to be emailed to Dr. Philip Walther (philip (dot) walther (at) univie (dot) ac (dot) at).