Optical Information Processors for Satellites – from Quantum Computing to Artificial Intelligence

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Optical Information Processors for Satellites – from Quantum Computing to Artificial Intelligence

to be filled Jan 2023 to Dec 2024.

We plan to open a call for one Position (up to 100 % TV-L E13) within the team on Physical Foundations of IT-Security at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Optical Sensor Systems in Berlin in collaboration with the Chair of Space Technology at TU Berlin.

Job description:

The research interest of our team is in fundamental methods and technologies as well as applications of physical model systems for photonic and quantum information processing. On the methodology side this includes quantum light sources and photonic quantum memories to store non-classical states of light. On the application side this includes repeater-based quantum communication, optical quantum computers, and optical neuromorphic computing architectures for artificial intelligence.

You will coordinate and lead our team of several PhD and MA students working on the development of photonic processors based on free-space optics as well as photonic integrated circuits. These processors will then be used to demonstrate photonic computing functionality with applications in machine learning and solving quantum mechanical problems like Ising-models and space relevant tasks.

Your research will thus lay the ground for energy efficient photonic computers in the classical and quantum domain that can operate even under the demanding conditions found on satellites. Such computers have a high potential to enable energy-efficient high-performance computing on board of satellites and would thereby enable a technological leap in space technology.

Your qualification:

• Doctoral degree in physics is appreciated
• Master degree in physics or closely related subjects is required
• Demonstrated in-depth knowledge and expertise in experimental optics, quantum physics and/or optical neural networks
• Experience in the development and realization of optical laboratory experiments
• First experience in programming of laboratory setups or neural networks, preferentially with python
• Good knowledge of the English language
• First experience in project management is beneficial

For more information on the upcoming call please contact Prof. Dr. Janik Wolters, janik.wolters@dlr.de, Tel. +49 3067055-7906.