Ph. D students at University of Tsukuba

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Application deadline: 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Research group: 

Physico-Infomatics and Systems (PIS) Laboratory, University of Tsukuba was started from October 1st, 2023. The principal investigator of this lab. is Prof. Yutaka Shikano. PIS Lab. now opens several Ph. D positions included the master's and doctoral courses under several projects. When you propose the more interesting project under the supervision of Prof. Yutaka Shiakno, we can negociate this topics.

(1) Quantum Computing Health Check via Quantum Random Number Genrator
(2) Quantum Diamond Sensing, especially, biological applications
(3) Resourse Estimation of Precison-Guranteed Quantum Computing Algorithm
(4) Mathematical Aspect of Discrete Time Quantum Walks
(5) Weak-value trajectories related to quantum foundations
(6) Data analysis or comissiooning help of the gravitational wave ddetector (KAGRA project)

When you are interested in joining our group, please email Prof. Yutaka Shikano, to attach the following documents;
(1) CV
(2) English Skill Score (if you have)
(3) Research statement or preference
(4) Statement of purpose included why you want to study in Japan