PhD and postdoc positions "Quantum networks" and "Silicon photonics"

We are inviting applications for PhD and postdoc positions at the University of Stuttgart.

Postdoc position 1: The successful candidate will work on the development of integrated silicon circuits and their use in quantum information processing with a focus on quantum networks. This includes designing silicon photonic circuits, testing them, and using them in quantum photonics.

Postdoc position 2: The successful candidate will work on the development and implementation of secure applications in quantum networks. This includes building photonic experiments, developing photon sources, photonic circuits, and building setups for testing and implementation of various networked applications.

PhD position: The successful candidate will research and implement concepts for overcoming photon loss in quantum communication by using concepts from quantum error correction. The PhD project will involve experimental work such as building quantum-optical setups and implementing concepts for transmitting quantum communication – and also requires some theory background.

The positions will be funded by the BMBF project SiSiQ – Silicon photonics in secure quantum networks (

Please send your application file (research statement, transcript of records, CV, publication list if applicable) to Prof. Dr. Stefanie Barz:

For more information about the positions, please see our website: