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About us
The research focus of the Theoretical Quantum Systems Design group is on questions that are motivated from practical communication system design and deployment. We develop concepts for near-term
quantum communication networks and study quantum communication techniques from the perspective
of novel use cases. Our scientific methods are based on quantum information theory, theoretical quantum communication system design and simulations. We develop hardware control methods to accelerate
the knowledge exchange between theory and experiment and apply analytical and numerical methods.
We encourage interdisciplinary work, especially the collaboration and contact with research groups focusing on classical system design and experimental research on quantum systems and strengthen the
contact to the TUM Entrepreneurship center wherever possible.

The position offers the possibility to work on the boundary between theoretical foundations of quantum
system design and 6G requirements. The ideal candidate brings with them a deep interest in applied
mathematics, in particular quantum information theory of infinite-dimensional systems, and a degree in
engineering, physics or mathematics. We welcome enthusiastic, creative, and curios applicants that
enjoy the challenges and unpredictability of interdisciplinary research on the borderline between strict
theory and concrete industrial implementation. Openness to changes in directions as well as initiative in
formulating research questions and goals and the capability to develop independent strategies to proving
mathematical results are expected.

We offer
Payment according to TV-L E13, full employment, with contract duration limited to 4 years. Earliest starting date is the first of December 2021. The successful candidate can be enrolled in the graduate program of Technical University of Munich.

Known techniques from the domain of quantum communications will have to be evaluated, adapted and
improved in the context of mobile networks and modern use cases. The question whether quantum
communication techniques can even act as an enabler to novel network services will receive special
attention. The Theoretical Quantum Systems Design Group offers a course on quantum networks involving our network simulator QuNetSim. Participation in the teaching of the course is expected. Scientific
results will need to written down in publication-ready form and presented at international conferences.

Applicants please contact Dr. J. Nötzel ( for questions, and send their application
(including CV, cover letter and name plus email address for two potential referees) with subject “Application to 6G quantum communications” to until November 30, 2021.

General Information
TUM is aiming to increase the number of women employees, and applications from women are expressly welcomed. People with disabilities, with essentially the same suitability and qualification, will be preferred. As you apply for a position at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), you provide personal data. Please note our data protection information according to Art. 13 Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO) on the collection and processing of personal data in connection with your application By submitting your application, you confirm that you have taken note of the data protection information of the TUM.