PhD fellow in Theoretical Quantum Optics and Quantum Information

Job type: 

Application deadline: 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Research group: 

Theoretical quantum optics group at the Niels Bohr Institute

The Niels Bohr Institute, Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen is offering a PhD scholarship in Theoretical Quantum Optics commencing 1 December 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter.
The position will be part of he theoretical quantum optics group, which investigates a broad range of topics in theoretical quantum optics and quantum information. The main focus is on the implementation of quantum information processing in a variety of physical systems, ranging from solid state to quantum optical systems. Currently most of the research is focused on quantum communication and light matter interactions.
The research group is part of the Center for Hybrid Quantum Networks (Hy-Q), which aims at exploiting photons to couple disparate quantum systems. The group is also part of the Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA), a European effort to build a global quantum internet.
Project description
The Ph.D. project should be within the general research area of Hy-Q. The precise content of the project will be agreed upon with the successful candidate but possible topics include
– Quantum networks for long distance quantum communications
– Strong photon-photon interactions induced by material systems
– Quantum information processing with single photon emitters.

To apply for the position, please see the full announcement at