PhD Fellowships

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Vienna Doctoral Program on Complex Quantum Systems offers PhD fellowships in:

• Foundations of quantum physics
• Photonic quantum information processing
• Quantum communication & quantum computing
• Ultra-cold atoms & Bose-Einstein condensation
• Solid state quantum optics
• Interferometry with clusters & molecules
• Theory of highly correlated quantum systems
• Micromechanical quantum physics
• Cooling schemes for clusters & nanomirrors
• Cavity QED on microwave transmission lines
• Quantum physics with vacancies in nanodiamonds
• Atoms and molecules close to ultrathin fibers
• Relativistic quantum information & metrology

Call opening: 08.10.2015
Application deadline: 22.11.2015
Hearing in Vienna: Mid February 2016
Your potential start in CoQuS: October 2016