Ph.D. fellowships in quantum optics and atom physics

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

ICFO - The Institute of Photonic Sciences is a centre based in Castelldefels (Barcelona), devoted to the research and education of the optical and photonic sciences, at the highest international level. The ‘Quantum information with cold atoms and non-classical light’ research group, led by Prof. Morgan Mitchell, at ICFO is looking for Ph.D. students to work in the areas of experimental quantum optics, atomic physics, and quantum light-matter interfaces.

The group studies light, atoms, and their interactions at a fully-quantum level using cutting edge technologies such as semiconductor and solid-state lasers and amplifiers, quasi-phase-matched materials, quantumnoise-limited and single-photon detection, and photonic crystal fibres. Positions are available in two areas:
1) Generation of quantum states of light (single photons, entangled photon pairs, squeezed
states) at wavelengths and bandwidths that interact strongly with rubidium atoms. Application of these to exotic, fully-quantum measurement schemes such as interaction-free measurement, quantum non-demolition measurement of atomic spin, and Heisenberg-limited magnetometry.
2) Quantum light-matter interactions with cold, trapped rubidium. The group traps about one million atoms in an optical dipole trap to produce a stable, low-decoherence atomic sample for precise studies of light-atom interactions. The group probes these atoms with high-purity optical pulses, which allows measuring the quantum states of the atoms and to produce and study lightmatter interactions for spin squeezing, quantum memory, and quantum cloning.

ICFO and the Barcelona area offer a very active research environment in optics and quantum physics. The group has international collaborations with groups in Copenhagen, Toronto, Florence, Sao Paolo, and Paris. Most students include a research stay with one of these groups as part of their Ph.D. studies.

Eligibility and Conditions
Candidates must hold an internationally-recognized PhD-equivalent degree (or evidence of its completion in the near future) in a field of science related to quantum optics and atomic physics.
No restrictions of citizenship apply to the ICFO post-doctoral contracts.
The fellowships are offered for periods of one year, renewable for a total of four years. The renovation of the fellowship is conditional on satisfactory performance in research and teaching activities.

Application procedure
Potential applicants may contact Morgan Mitchell (
The formal application should be submitted by e-mail to:, including the mailing label “QOAP” and your last name printed before the label. Suitable candidates are requested to submit:
- A presentation letter with declaration of research interests,
- A Curriculum Vitae, including a full address, a contact phone number and e-mail address
and a copy of the passport,
- A scanned copy of your University academic transcripts in English or Spanish,
- A scanned copy of the degree, if available at the time of application,
- The contact e-mail of three potential referees.
Candidates should be willing to be contacted by phone during the selection process.

The call will remain open until suitable candidates are identified.

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